Beckenbauer reveals plans for all-star world 11

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The former Germany captain and
coach has taken charge of the
GALAXY 11, a side consisting of the
most outstanding players of the
current generation.
The announcement follows
Beckenbauer’s surprise visit to
Chelsea’s home game with
Manchester City on Sunday when he
was pictured seated with a
mysterious man in a robe in the
executive area.


Similar characters were seen in the
Shed End of Stamford Bridge and at
Bayern Munich and Juventus. After
the Chelsea match, the Kaiser
released an extraordinary video
raising the possibility of the GALAXY
Watching the Kaiser | Beckenbauer
pictured near a robed man at
Stamford Bridge
Now Beckenbauer has granted a
media interview in which he reveals
more about his involvement in the
GALAXY 11 and promises a further
announcement on November 11. “I
am taking careful and calculated
steps to determine and assemble
this team,” he said.
The new video also includes…

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