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Beckenbauer reveals plans for all-star world 11

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The former Germany captain and
coach has taken charge of the
GALAXY 11, a side consisting of the
most outstanding players of the
current generation.
The announcement follows
Beckenbauer’s surprise visit to
Chelsea’s home game with
Manchester City on Sunday when he
was pictured seated with a
mysterious man in a robe in the
executive area.


Similar characters were seen in the
Shed End of Stamford Bridge and at
Bayern Munich and Juventus. After
the Chelsea match, the Kaiser
released an extraordinary video
raising the possibility of the GALAXY
Watching the Kaiser | Beckenbauer
pictured near a robed man at
Stamford Bridge
Now Beckenbauer has granted a
media interview in which he reveals
more about his involvement in the
GALAXY 11 and promises a further
announcement on November 11. “I
am taking careful and calculated
steps to determine and assemble
this team,” he said.
The new video also includes…

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Did the media play the biggest part in the Özil saga?

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All of transfer deadline day revolved around one man. Mesut Özil.

Before the weekend it was inconceivable to think that the German star would be playing anywhere other than the Spanish capital. Sure, names from the club were being flaunted around in the news with Angel Di Maria, Fabio Coentrao and Karim Benzema among the list of players who could depart. Then on Sunday before Arsenal’s crucial fixture against rival Tottenham Hotspur, there were reports that Özil was feeling unsettled, this just two days after he had told the Spanish press that he was determined to fight for his place in Madrid. 24 hours later, he was jetting toward the English capital destined for a new adventure with the Gunners. So the question is, how did all of this happen?

The main sport in the United States, where I come from, is American Football. In American Football, trades are not half…

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Ancelloti and real madrid

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Well on saturday madrid had to give the fight of their lives to defeat levante 3-2(a team barcelona defeated 7-0), two late goals from morata and ronaldo in a gap of 3minutes was wat stopped levante from having all three points. But if we should check very well madrid’s midfield could b disorganised by any team in europe. The sale of ozil was a big mistake, most people say he was the second best player at madrid, but to me, he was the best, had d highest assist than any other player in the 5 major leagues(england, spain, germany, italy, france), not even the likes of xavi, gerrard, fabregas, pirlo, lampard, totti could match up to him in that aspect. One funny thing perez beieves is that bale could replace ozil, well that can neva happen, bale and ozil are different player, ozil throws those killer passe, and bale score…

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Why I Want To Marry Nadia Buari ––Jim Iyke


For those who are still doubting his sincerity and all those women in his past who are trying to distract him with story of pregnancy and all that, Jim Iyke said he is a changed man and has decided to settle with his new found love and that person is no other than Ghanian actress Nadia Buari.

Below is what Jim Iyke said about his plans for Nadia Buari…
“Yes we have discussed marriage. But we are taking it one step at a time. I am actually at a point where starting a family is becoming an attractive proposition. Nadia and I have been to Nigeria and my family members love and adore her.”
Since his family members are already in support, haters should please give them a space

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Actress Bimbo Thomas Sends Her Nudé Photo To A Fake Lover


It’s sad but could have been avoided if she didn’t allow love becloud her senses:

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas was having an affair with a man who she didn’t know already has a wife and children somewhere. She got so blinding by the love that she took nudé photos of herself and send them to this fake lover. Now the man has dumped her and returned to his wife and children.

Below are the revelations of the actress nudé photo saga…
“Yes, I have been in love before and I have been involved in relationships I thought was love but wasn’t.. There was this relationship I thought would lead to the altar. I was committed to it and the guy was committed too but it still didn’t work out. We are still friends though. When I came out of that relationship, I didn’t want to date again. I just wanted to…

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